As more and more New South Wales residents embrace strata living, one Sydney company is set to revolutionise the strata experience, using a combination of real estate knowledge, technology and personalised service to streamline strata management and foster thriving strata communities.

United Strata Solutions is a Sydney-based company with over 20 years real estate experience and specialist expertise in strata management.

Their services extend from property appraisals, sales and marketing through to comprehensive strata and centre management throughout New South Wales.

“New South Wales has the largest strata-dwelling community in Australia,” United Strata Solutions director Marie-Line Raimbert explained.

“But often living in and managing a strata community is anything but ideal, with slow systems, a lack of communication, and absence of transparency tainting all levels of the strata experience.

 “Often the task of managing these communities falls to a building manager or committee of residents who handle complaints, answer queries, and deal with the competing interests of tenants, landlords and neighbours while staying up-to-date with changing legislation. They are required to negotiate, chase levies, handle meetings and ensure the ongoing upkeep of the building.

“Along the way good communication and effective management can fall by the wayside, leaving all parties frustrated. The result is tension in the community, stress for the manager and the flow-on effect can ultimately impact the value of the building.”

United Strata tackles these issues head-on, harnessing technology to streamline the strata experience. Using their expertise in real estate, they handle common and complex tasks, ranging from communication, repairs and maintenance to unit sales, general administration, record keeping and budgeting.

“Our experience in real estate, coupled with our expertise in strata, allows us a unique insight into the best practices available to the industry. We intimately understand the systems and techniques needed to run strata communities well,” Marie-Line said.

“At the heart of a positive strata experience is good communication, effective negotiation, and the ability to pre-empt potential issues before they arise.

“That’s where we’ve established a proven track record spanning 20 years. We offer a service that is all about the customer, offers the latest industry knowledge and modernises the entire strata process to be more open, efficient and effective.”

Featuring an ethos of transparency, United Strata Solutions ensures they are thoroughly abreast of all issues affecting a property, have visited the site and understand the community.

They then offer all the support required to ensure these communities are managed seamlessly based on each site’s unique and specific needs.

In the interim, United Strata is open and accountable for the processes they use and the choices they offer, ensuring every level of management is transparent to all parties.

“Quite simply, we ensure this growing sector has the knowledge, tools, systems and support to offer a positive strata experience,” Marie-Line explained.

“The result is happier communities which are better managed for the benefit of all.”

Boasting a young, friendly team with expert knowledge and up-to-date training, United Strata’s proven track record now sees them handle over 8000 strata lots across New South Wales.

“Our services are built on trust, accountability and transparency, with a commitment to simplifying and streamlining every area of managing a property,” Marie-Line said.

“We harness the best insight, technology and customer service strategies to comprehensively meet people’s goals – whether it’s buying or selling a unit, managing your investment property or taking care of all the services required to efficiently and effectively oversee the operation of your strata building.”  

United Strata Services include:

  • Sales and marketing of property and units
  • Communication, including general inquiries, maintenance requests and community notices
  • Arranging regular general, business and committee meetings and taking minutes
  • Creating and managing trust accounts
  • Administering the budget and finances, including levying individual owners
  • Paying bills, fees and approved costs
  • Handling and managing repairs and maintenance work transparently, in a timely and cost-effective fashion
  • Ensuring compliance with all insurance legislation
  • Keeping financial and other records of the organisation

“Strata management doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming and it doesn’t have to be stressful for anyone involved. Handled effectively and transparently, it can offer an environment where communities truly thrive,” Marie-Line said

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For further information or to arrange an interview, contact:

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