We’re here to make
strata simple

United Strata Solutions specialises in streamlining and simplifying strata management.

Whether you operate a large commercial strata property, or small-scale residential community, we offer professional, client-driven service that makes the running of your property effortless.

We harness the latest technology and combine it with expert staff and open communication to eliminate the hassle and complexity of managing a strata property.

At United Strata Solutions, we are open and accountable every step of the way, ensuring your strata property is run efficiently, effectively and transparently.

The result? Less complexity, less hassle, and greater peace of mind for tenants, landlords and strata managers alike.

Strata Management

United Strata Solutions manages residential, commercial and industrial Strata and Community schemes throughout New South Wales.

Strata Advice

Do you manage your own property? We can offer you the professional, experienced advice you need without compromising your independence.

Tailored Solutions

United Strata can manage everything from strata meetings to administration, insurance, compliance, finances, debt recovery, maintenance and repairs.

Free Consultation

Every organisation’s needs are different, and we offer a free initial consultation to give us a chance to discover what United Strata can do for you.

Our Strata Solutions

  • Meetings - Arranging regular general, business and committee meetings and taking minutes
  • Accounts - We will create and manage an individual trust account to be used for your property only.
  • Finances - Administering the budget, including levying individual owners
  • Payments - Paying bills, fees and approved costs
  • Repairs and Maintenance - We will ensure that all repairs and maintenance work is carried out in a timely and cost effective fashion
  • Insurance - Ensuring compliance with all insurance legislation
  • Record keeping - Keeping financial and other records of the organisation