Open homes are an essential part of the selling process, allowing potential buyers the opportunity to give a property the once-over and envisage themselves owning that space. The truth is the average buyer spends very little time deciding “yes” or “no” to a property, so sellers have a limited opportunity to present their home in the best light.

Here are the little things that make a big difference to any inspection.

Clean up

Your property should not just be clear of mess, but spotless. It’s a great idea to de-clutter in the weeks prior to opening your home to make this ongoing process easier.

Then on inspection day, ensure all rooms are neat and tidy, including inside cupboards. Pay particular attention to the bathroom and kitchen ensuring any mould, mildew or soap scum is removed, and kitchen benches are clear of all extraneous clutter.

Give your floors a solid once-over with a vacuum or sweep, and mop any hard floors. Meanwhile don’t forget to tidy the yard and exterior of your home.

Open up

A home should be light, bright, warm and inviting, so open up curtains and blinds to allow natural light to flood in.

Not only is natural light appealing, it also provides a sense of extra space within a home, allowing the outside vistas to be easily viewed. If the weather permits, also open windows to let in air and enable the house to feel fresh.

Freshen up

Open homes are not just visual but also engage other senses as well. That means paying attention to the aroma of your property, particular if pets or smokers reside within the home.

If possible, freshen up carpets with a shampoo in the weeks prior to open homes. Then include subtle but not overwhelming scents and fragrances within the property via diffusers, unlit candles and the like.

Remove pets

Not all people are fans of four-legged residents and dogs in particular can be overly enthusiastic when it comes to greeting guests. Take your pets with you during scheduled inspections, or at least contain them if that’s not feasible.

It’s a similar scenario for extra cars that may take up lawn or access spaces. Remove them prior to inspections to allow prospective buyers a full appreciation of an uncluttered yard.

While we’re talking possible detractions, if your neighbours are noisy or there is construction in the area, try to schedule inspections around peak times.

The finer points

Small attention to detail can make a big difference. Take a critical view of items like your doona covers, throw rugs and cushions and freshen them up with a new, neat set if they look tired. Similarly a nice bowl of fruit or well positioned flower display can help a home look loved.

Importantly, allow your property to be clutter-free if items like excessive photographs, children’s toys and collectables.

Meanwhile some agents recommend cooking a quick batch of biscuits on the morning prior to inspections to allow the aroma of flavoursome food to infiltrate the home.

Would you buy your property?

A key task to undertake prior to inspections is to take a good hard look at your home and imagine yourself as a potential buyer, asking yourself, what would you like to see, what would put you off, and what items hide or detract from the inner beauty of your home? Then work o remedy any issues in advance of your open home.

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