Featuring large houses, a family focus and financial stability, the suburb of Glen Alpine is regarded as one of the premium suburbs in the Macarthur region.

And its defining characteristics have altered little in the past five years, according to the most recent Census. Glen Alpine has seen only marginal population growth, with residents enjoying a comfortable lifestyle that ranks above the national norm.

So let’s take a look at the stable suburb that is Glen Alpine and how it’s changed in the past five years.

Who lives in Glen Alpine

A population of 4559 people call Glen Alpine home, which represents just a marginal rise on five years ago when the population was 4342. That small influx has seen the construction of just 79 dwellings in the past five years.

Closely reflecting the national norm, the median age for Glen Alpine residents is 40, and the suburb is exactly 50% female and 50% male.

One of the major defining features of Glen Alpine is how family focussed it is. In a figure 20% above the national average, 93.1% of dwellings are family households, and 56% of those households are families with children who have on average two children per home.

A further 33.8% of family households are couples, while 9.3% of family homes comprise sole parents with children.

Of the population aged 15 and above, 60.5% are married, 29.9% have never been married, 4.7% are divorced, 2.6% are widowed and 2.3% are separated.

Meanwhile 17.5% of residents are children aged younger than 15 and 25.5% of residents are aged between 45 and 60.

How Glen Alpine fares financially

Earning $1000 each week above the national norm, Glen Alpine residents fare well on the financial front. The median weekly household income is $2440, with a stunning 37.4% of households enjoying a gross weekly income above $3000.

They’re also doing better than they were five years ago when the median household income was $2366 and 30.7% of households had an income above $3000.

For many a portion of that money is going towards a mortgage, and that expense is also above the national and state norms. The median monthly mortgage repayment is $2167. That’s $400 above the Australian figure and almost $200 above the New South Wales median, but shows no rise on five years ago.

For the small population who rent their home, a median of $510 goes towards rent each week. That’s an increase on 2011 when the median rent was $480.

How Glen Alpine residents live

Chances are if you live in Glen Alpine you own your home, and its a large one.

In figures that are far different from average, 92% of Glen Alpine homes are owner occupied, and an astounding 39.4% are owned outright. Over 52% are owned with a mortgage, and that’s less than five years ago when 56.1% had a mortgage.

With the rental talent market only increasing by less than 1% this shows Glen Alpine residents have made headway on the outright ownership front.

Currently only 6.3% of the property market is rented, up by only 0.7% since five years ago, while the national average is 30.9%.

These houses that people are so effectively paying off are by no means small. An impressive 90.8% are four bedrooms or more, compared to 32.2% nationally.

A further 7.9% are three bedrooms and there are almost no two-bedroom properties in Glen Alpine. Of the housing stock only 1% is units or semi-detached housing.

The final word

Glen Alpine boasts an impressive reputation that stands up in the Census figures. This is a place where families are settled, earning a decent living and enjoying the great Australian dream of a (large) home to call their own.

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