With the popularity of TV shows like The Block, and Better Homes and Gardens, more and more people are turning to professional stylists when it comes time to sell their home.

The results can be sensational, transforming rooms and areas into magazine style oases with designer furniture selected to hit all the right notes.

But is it worth the expense? Let’s take a look at when a stylist might be worth their weight in gold, and ways you can achieve a similar effect.


According to experts professional interior styling or “home staging” can add between 6% and 20% to the value of a property.

While that’s no small change, not all properties are suited to the challenge, and not all circumstances permit.

Vacant homes offer a better canvas for potential styling, and it’s usually homes that are at the higher end of the market that benefit the most from the professional touch. In the case of a million dollar home, or above, even 6% is a significant increase while 20% is a major boost.

But if a stylist isn’t on your radar or not within your budget, how can you add that designer touch?


The first step to revealing the true functionality of your home is to pare back its contents. Remove all extraneous items that clutter up a space. From collections to large couches, anything that makes a home look busy or too personal needs to go.

The key to styling is to allow the buyer to see a property for what it offers in terms of functionality or attributes, and then play various areas to their strengths.

Work room by room

Determine the prime use for each room and set it up accordingly using a minimalist but not sparse approach.

Keep furniture that fits a space but remove anything that’s overly large or distracting. That may mean putting items like recliners, overly large televisions, or musical equipment in storage while you clear the space within rooms to let them show their style.

Even furniture that’s dated can add appeal to a room if handled correctly, so long as there’s not so much of it that it overwhelms the area.

Key rooms

The best rooms to start with are the ones likely to be photographed for your internet advertising, and consider adding simple but effective touches. These include throw cushions for couches and beds, a bunch of elegant flowers or well-placed books on a coffee table.

Ensure the kitchen is free from all bench clutter and instead boasts something cheery like a carefully crafted matching bowl of fruit.

Meanwhile, keep only a few items on display in the bathroom like a funky plant and one or two matching products, rather than an entire array of hairstyling accessories. To give your bathroom a lift, consider investing in some towels that either match the bathroom or inject colour into a plain space.

Bigger improvements

If possible, have all walls fairly neutral, and keep window furnishings plain. The key is to allow colour to be injected via cushions, accents and highlights. Then further accentuate and tie the room together with flowers, or minimal ornaments.

The final word

Whether or not a stylist is right for your home is a matter of choice and practicality. But regardless of whether you bring in a professional or embrace the pre-sale process yourself, getting ready for sale is about showing your home at its best and making that all-important good first impression.

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