Whether you’ve signed on a new place, are shifting interstate or handling the estate of a loved one, sometimes the process of selling a property needs to be swift.

Selling a property quickly doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get less, but there are some strategies you need to put in place to ensure a swift sales process.

Here’s our guide to selling a property quickly and the items you need to consider.

Set a realistic price

As you’re looking to sell your property quickly, you won’t have time to waste on negotiations, nor on attracting only a dribble of interested parties because your price is on the higher end of the scale.

Before you go to sell, research the prices of properties currently for sale in your area and be prepared to meet the market.

At United Strata, we provide free market appraisals of your property to give you a good guide of what it’s worth.

Clean up

If you’re serious about selling, now is the time to start the process of cleaning up. That includes removing extraneous clutter, trimming back overgrown gardens, and showing some love to the exterior and interior of your home.

We have a comprehensive guide to getting your property ready for sale here. However the short of it is, you need to allow prospective buyers to view the property in its entirety for the potential and assets it has, so get rid of any dirt, clutter or items that stand in their way.

Fix unfinished jobs

This is not the time to be embarking on renovations, but if there are unfinished jobs like half-painted walls, loose tiles, or partly-complete paving, set aside a weekend and get those jobs done. Unfinished items can quickly devalue a property and flag potential issues for any buyer.

Invest in good photography

Great photography attracts buyers, inviting them to come and see a place for themselves. The more potential buyers you have, the greater your odds of finding that right one who’s ready to commit to buy.

Photography should properly illuminate a property so it looks light and bright, and focus on a home’s assets.

Have pest and building done in advance

To really speed up the sale process some vendors pay for the pest and building reports to be done when they list their home.

This has three major benefits:

The first is that it saves time for the buyer as you furnish them with the information they require, and the second benefit is that it flags any problems that you may need to resolve before your home goes on the market.

The final upshot is having the reports at hand leaves less room for negotiation, speeding up the sale process.

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