Spring is traditionally known as the prime season for selling property in Australia, but the warmth of summer and additional time off that the holiday season affords can also have advantages when it comes to selling your home.

As the days lengthen and the temperature climbs, here’s a guide to cashing in on the season, and selling your home in summer.

Summer pros

Summer presents the opportunity to throw open your doors, let in the natural light and embrace a holiday season where people may be more likely to have time on their hands to view homes.

Daylight savings also allows a little flexibility when it comes to home viewing times, and gardens tend to be lush, green and inviting.

Early summer may also see people keen to make a property purchase prior to Christmas and the recommencement of school, so they can get their family settled for the New Year ahead.

Summer cons

The period immediately after Christmas and into the New Year is notoriously quiet as people tend to take their annual leave and head out of the city for the holidays.

This is also the time of year when the household budget may be at its tightest following the expenditure of Christmas and people are yet to get “all their financial ducks in a row” for the year ahead.

Meanwhile, transactions may be slowed by the business closures of financial institutions, pest inspectors and conveyancers that occur over the holiday period.

Tips to play to your property’s summer strengths

If you’re considering putting your property on the market over summer, here’s a quick guide to highlighting the attributes on many people’s minds…

Outdoor entertaining

The Australian summer is all about outdoor entertaining, weekend barbecues and celebrating with friends, so if your property lends itself to outdoor entertaining, play to this strength.

Establish outdoor entertaining areas as appealing features of your home using colour, plants and even table settings so prospective buyers can imagine spending a warm summer evening enjoying these surrounds.


A pool is a natural asset for many families over the warm summer months, and again this is a great feature to use to your selling advantage.

Ensure your pool area is well-maintained, inviting and up to par on the pool fence and safety front. A welcoming retreat of your own personal swimming oasis is an allure that’s hard to resist.

Lush garden

Gardens have the potential to look truly spectacular in summer, but they will require a little extra TLC.

Ensure lawns are regularly mowed and plants are kept watered, trimmed and neat. Street appeal is a real asset when it comes to selling a home.

Varied inspection times

The longer days of summer provide additional time for afternoon and evening inspections, allowing you to catch people after work. Meanwhile, late afternoon or morning inspections may need to be a priority to avoid the real heat of the middle of the day. Work with your real estate agent to decide the best time of day to show your property over summer.

Fresh air

When preparing for open homes, use the fresh air and natural light that summer affords. Throw open the curtains and windows to allow light and natural ventilation.

It’s also a good idea to embrace some suitable summer colours within your home, like crisp blue and white throw cushions, or vibrant bowls of fruit.

Temperature control

If the home boasts temperature control, flaunt it on a hot summer’s day. Welcome people into a property with a real reprieve from the summer heat. This allows them to imagine how truly pleasant it could be to spend the hot summer months “chilling out” within your home.

Every season boasts unique attributes when it comes to selling a home. The key to selling in summer involves highlighting your home’s entertaining and relaxation features, while painting a picture that presents it as an oasis from the harsh summer heat.

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