Whether you’re moving on, moving up or sizing down, putting your home up for sale is an important time where preparation in advance often equals success. This is the time to put your home’s best foot forward to attract buyers and have them actively envisage living in your property.

Using our years of experience in the property market, here are United Strata top tips for preparing your home for sale.

Street appeal

The first impression any buyer will have is from the street, which means taking the time to tidy your garden, trim back any overgrown plants and make your property look inviting.

Even a few simple measures can make a big difference to a property’s street appeal. If your garden is a little lacklustre consider affordable improvements like planting extra greenery, or applying woodchip to your garden beds.

Meanwhile take a critical view of the house itself, imagining yourself as a potential buyer. A quick water-blast of a property’s exterior can remove years of built-up grime and reveal a sparkling jewel beneath, while a lick of paint for the front door also creates a fresh, loved look.

The big issues

Street appeal is all well and good, but it’s also what lies beneath that counts. Any interested buyer will almost certainly get a pest and building inspection done, so be sure there are no issues before they arrive.

Small things like shower leaks or wood rot can raise a host of red flags to any buyer and potentially de-value your property, so conduct your own audit or employ a professional to ensure your property checks out on the building and pest front.

Rotten wood should be replaced, cracked walls replastered, pests dealt with and damage repaired prior to sale. Don’t forget your roof in this audit, looking to the condition of your tiles, roofing and guttering.

Finish odd jobs

If you have incomplete projects or there are small issues that can be quickly fixed, do so before your property is open to inspections. Small issues quickly add up for buyers, so look around with a critical eye to find areas that may not be up to par, and have them fixed.


The inside of your home should look fresh and inviting. At the least, whip out the paintbrush and touch up any chipped paintwork or cracks. This gives your property a solid, well-maintained feel.

If your property’s interior paintwork is aged or out of date, you might want to consider a complete paint job, but be mindful of the colours you select. Light tones and neutrals are the best colours when it comes to selling, as they open up a space and allow potential buyers to imagine themselves within it.

Clear clutter

While you’re inside also turn your attention to any clutter within your home, removing all extraneous items. The philosophy here is to have people see the property without distraction and envisage it as their own.

Be ruthless in this clutter clearing endeavour, removing extra furniture from overly cramped rooms, and eliminating ornament collections.

In the long run this not only makes the house look more streamlined, but also allows you to keep it spotless throughout the inspection process.

A big spring clean

On that note, cleaning your property for sale isn’t just a dust and once over with the vacuum cleaner. Before you go to market, do a comprehensive clean of your property from top to bottom.

This includes water-blasting or washing down exterior areas like paving, fences, patios and decks, cleaning all windows, washing any old or dusty curtains, and treating any carpet stains.

If you have not repainted, wipe over the walls. Meanwhile don’t forget to look up to check the condition of fans, air conditioners and curtain pelmets where dust and mould could be lurking.

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