The average Australian home may be getting bigger, but not all properties boast expansive rooms and wide open spaces. That makes a little creativity critical when it comes to readying smaller homes for sale to ensure you maximise the space you have and still offer that open, airy feel.

Here are five tips for decorating prior to sale when working with small spaces.

Light paint

A dark or busy colour scheme can make a home feel cozy, but it does you no favours if you’re looking to maximise the feel of space. Experts suggest working with light, neutral colours in small areas to embrace and reflect available natural light. Think off-whites and very pale greys or even white paint, and extend the colour scheme throughout the home so areas appear to flow into one another.

Small furniture

Big bulky furniture can quickly fill a small room, making it appear even tinier than it is. If you’re planning on redecorating or bringing in new pieces prior to sale, err on the side of smaller numbers that leave plenty of open floor space and room to move between furniture. It’s amazing the difference employing smaller furniture can make in opening up a room.

A similar approach should be applied to artwork to ensure your walls aren’t filled to bursting with decorative items. Rather than a number of items select a single piece that works within the space. 

Clever storage

Chances are if your home is small or your rooms lack floorspace, storage is an issue. And again this is where creativity comes into play. Consider clever storage options like tea chest coffee tables that hide all manner of sins, or look to sideboards that incorporate decorative box storage where you can stash extraneous items out of view.

Regardless of the size of your home, decluttering prior to sale is critical but clever storage in a small home offers useful assistance in this quest.


Natural light is linked to the way we perceive space, which makes embracing it particularly effective in small homes. Surfaces that reflect and perpetuate this light can be particularly useful in making a small space appear larger. This extends from mirrors to stainless steel kitchen benches, and glossy tiles.

Slim fittings

Fittings like shelving and window furnishings play a major role in the spacious feel of a room. If you’re pushed for space, consider single-panel blinds that recess into the window frame, rather than venetians or curtains.

When it comes to fittings like bathroom cabinetry and shelving, look for items that are mounted above the floor rather than extending to it. This appearance of floating creates the perception of space.

There are many benefits to owning a small home including ease of cleaning, an intimate feel and lower maintenance costs. The key to marketing is to make the available space work for, rather than against you by illustrating how bright, breezy and spacious it can feel to live within your home.

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