Whether you are a building manager or body corporate committee tasked with overseeing a strata property, the role of managing a strata community is a big responsibility.

Not only are there funds to be managed, there are also a host of common issues to deal with on a daily basis, many of which involve navigating the complex relationships between residents.

As one of the premier strata management companies in New South Wales, United Strata Solutions has built an enviable reputation when it comes to meeting the needs of tenants, owners and committees alike.

And our experience tells us managing a strata community that thrives comes down to three key things: communication, consultation and clarity.


It doesn’t matter whether the subject is proposed building works, a noise complaint, changes to by-laws or planned expenditure, a happy strata community thrives on clear communication.

Two-way effective and efficient communication ensures everyone knows what’s expected and where they stand, which is why every strata community should have a clear communication policy.

This policy outlines how residents will be notified about matters, whether they are entitled to have a say on issues that matter to them (like proposed building renovations) and how complaints should be made and dealt with.

A clear communications policy also ensures residents know who to speak to about what, whether it should be verbal or written, electronic or hard copy, and the timeframe in which they can expect a response.


One of the major roles of any strata manager is to consult with their community over the issues that matter to them.

In some cases this consultation will fall under the legal requirements of the strata committee – such as general and special meetings.

But in other instances, consultation is a matter of courtesy, such as when a new by-law is proposed or the building is set for a facelift.

This consultation allows residents to feel heard and valued as part of a community.


From clear and current record keeping to concise communication and easy-to-comprehend by-laws, clarity ensures everyone within a strata community is on the same page.

It removes room for misinterpretation, helps everyone understand what’s expected and allows the building to operate efficiently and effectively.

This is particularly the case with record keeping where open and accountable handling of the community’s financial affairs is a requirement.

Owners should be clearly aware of the levies they are expected to pay, the capital works they are required to fund, and the maintenance issues that are likely to affect the building.

Meanwhile, all residents should be offered clarity in terms of their rights and responsibilities, allowing them the freedom to reside together within a community in the knowledge of what’s expected from everyone.

We can help

United Strata Solutions offers unique expertise in all strata areas. We can assist on an ongoing or ad-hoc basis with advice and services including:

  • Meetings – Arranging regular general, business and committee meetings and taking minutes
  • Accounts – We will create and manage an individual trust account to be used for your property only.
  • Finances – Administering the budget, including levying individual owners
  • Payments – Paying bills, fees and approved costs
  • Repairs and Maintenance – We will ensure that all repairs and maintenance work is carried out in a timely and cost effective fashion
  • Insurance – Ensuring compliance with all insurance legislation
  • Record keeping – Keeping financial and other records of the organisation

About United Strata Solutions

United Strata Solutions is a NSW-based company with over 20 years real estate experience and specialist expertise in strata management.

Our services extend from property appraisals, sales and marketing through to comprehensive strata and centre management throughout New South Wales.

You can learn more about our services here, or contact us directly for further advice.