The Macarthur region has been flagged as a major growth area as the New South Wales Government introduces sweeping changes to improve the region’s housing supply.

Tipped to provide 33,000 new homes and 30,000 additional jobs, here’s what’s set to happen in Macarthur over the next few years.


The State Government has long been aware of a critical shortage of affordable housing across New South Wales, but particularly in proximity to Sydney.

In July they began to implement major financial incentives and concessions to provide first home buyers with greater access to the housing market. A further part of the plan involves establishing priority growth areas around Sydney for more housing.

The greater Macarthur region, including Campbelltown and Glenfield is among the areas slated for  this growth and includes an urban renewal plan for a corridor extending from Glenfield to Campbelltown and beyond to Macarthur.

New housing

Campbelltown-Macarthur is to be further established as a city in its own right, with 33,000 new homes to be constructed across a series of precincts.

There are plans for substantial land releases in the areas of Mount Gilead and Menangle, and a new town at Wilton. In the more distant future there are also proposed plans for a major land release at West Appin.

According to the Daily Telegraph the influx of new residents will see 500,000 people in the Macarthur region by 2036 “trumping the future populations of the Sunshine Coast, Northern Territory and Wollongong”.

“The Macarthur population, expected to rival or exceed Canberra, will skyrocket with housing developments either planned or underway at Bardia, Oran Park, Cobbitty, Gregory Hills, Menangle Park, Appin, Gilead and Wilton.”

New urban plan

As new housing rolls out across the region, the State Government also notes there will be additional public facilities, with a further plan for urban renewal centring around the rail corridor between Glenfield and Macarthur.

It will provide residents with access to parks, services and public spaces, while a focus will also remain on protecting local heritage and the ecology.

Major infrastructure

With extensive growth comes the need for greater infrastructure and the government is yet to release detailed plans of what, where and how this will occur.

They note no land will be rezoned until “satisfactory” infrastructure plans are in place, and “future planning will include more detailed analysis to assess indicative costs, delivery timeframes and suitable infrastructure funding arrangements to support future development”.

The government is also investigating the creation of Special Infrastructure Contributions (SIC) schemes that would “create a framework for developers to share the costs” while allowing the State and local councils to coordinate delivery of major new transport and community infrastructure”. 

More jobs

Not only will the developments and renewal create better transport access for residents to commute to work, the government tips there will also be a further 30,000 jobs created within easy access to new homes.

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