In a competitive rental market, finding a rental property is no small task. Not only do the best properties quickly get snapped up, but you still need to ensure the home where you’ll be spending your immediate future all ticks the major boxes like being the right size, the right price, and in the right position.

So as you trawl the internet for long term rentals to suit you and your family’s needs, here are five tips to make the process easier.

Make a list

The likelihood is you’ll have a host of criteria you would like your rental property to meet. This may include proximity to work, transport and amenities like schools and shops, a minimum number of bedrooms, off-street parking, pets permitted and more.

The key here is to make a list of must-haves and desirables, asking yourself what do I really need, and what could I feasibly live without?

It’s also worth bearing in mind lifestyle extras like swimming pools, a backyard and off-street parking may mean you need to widen the search area of suburbs you’d consider.


Budget is a huge factor of seeking a rental home. Much like committing to a mortgage, this will be a weekly expense you will be required to pay for the set period of your lease. Again, if you’re seeking a few creature comforts or looking for more affordable options, it may require looking a little farther afield.

Be ready

The rental market is competitive, so it pays to keep abreast of properties that are becoming available and any scheduled inspection times. Then make sure you attend the inspections with a view to making a good impression.

The best properties don’t stay on the market long, so if you’re serious about one, ensure you attend the earliest scheduled inspections. It could be gone by any subsequent dates listed in advertisements.

Apply quickly

On the same note, if a property takes your fancy, be prepared to apply as quickly as possible. Rental agents require a host of specific information and it pays to have it at hand. This includes photo identification, pay slips, the names of referees and occasionally references for any pets that may be looking to reside with you.

Ensure you complete all the required information and do not leave any gaps. For one this may indicate you’re not serious about a property and for two, an agent may be more likely to go with a complete application that ticks all the criteria they have.

Be a good tenant

Finally, the ultimate tip for successfully snapping up the best properties is to have a good rental history. Agents can quickly ascertain whether there have been previous problems with rent payments, broken items or damaged properties, as there are databases which list these factors.

Just like buying a home, it takes time, patience and commitment to find and secure the perfect rental property. But by being proactive, being prepared, and being a little flexible in your location or requirements, you’ll quick find the property to suit your immediate needs.

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