Major projects are afoot in the Macarthur region as the area enjoys unprecedented growth, increased infrastructure and a focus on creating a viable lifestyle for the population boom of the future.

Among the big-ticket items currently proposed is 143 terrace-style homes in the heart of Mt Annan. So let’s take a look at what the project involves.

A little history

Vacant land at 1-5 Main Street at Mt Annan has been the subject of much speculation in recent years. This site includes 5.5ha of land adjacent to the Mt Annan Marketplace making it a premium real estate opportunity for any developers involved.

In 2014 a 256-dwelling development comprising nine four-storey complexes was proposed but met with fierce community objection.

Council backed community concerns and the developer submitted a modified application that was also rejected. The issue went to the Land and Environment Council who upheld the decision to knock back the proposal.

In November 2016 the 5.5ha site was sold to Queensland-based developers Sunland for $15 million. Now a new development proposal is on the table and here’s what it involves.

Current plans

In September this year. Sunland submitted their plans to Council for the Mt Annan site. It involves the construction of 143 terrace homes that are known as Montaine Residences.

Classed as a medium-density development, if approved it would feature a collection of 143 contemporary terrace houses and a central park area.

Sunland managing director Sahba Abedian told the Daily Telegraph the proposal was a sensitive and respectful planning approach to the area.

“This site is superbly located in an environment which offers access to high levels of service and amenity in Mt Annan, with its proximity to two major shopping centres, local schools and public transport,” Mr Abedian said.

“A central philosophy of the proposed design is to deliver large family terrace homes within a vibrant and connected community environment, of a size and scale that are respectful to their surroundings.

“Furthermore, it will deliver expansive landscaping to enhance the beauty and privacy of the residences.”

What next?

The Sunland Group entered the public consultation phase in early October, with the proposed development yet to be considered by Camden Council.

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